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Unconventional style-dado rails 

The Moulding Shop is a company that seeks to surface the interior decorator in everyone. This applies whether your planned creations are done with our help or inspired from the depths of your own mind. Things such as dado rails can be used creatively giving rise to an interior that’s sure to drop jaws! Traditionally speaking dado rails may have been intended to protect the wall from surrounding furniture. The paint on the wall or wall paper was protected by these rails as they protrude slightly meaning surrounding furniture and ornaments were often prevented from coming into contact with the wall. Such a feature was often most revered in public places were wear and tear was a serious concern. In the modern era the role of dado rails has shifted more to the aesthetic side of things. Today the addition of dado rails allows a home or even commercial property to exude that sense of class. They are something different which reflects well on the designer or owner of the property as being someone with an eye for interior grandeur.

Adaptable services

Our dado rails can be complimented by a number of our products here at The Moulding Shop. Our services are completely flexible and perfectly adaptable to suit the needs of our customers. Do you have an existing colour scheme you want us to conform to? No problem we’ll find a way and this applies to homes and commercial properties with discernible themes in the way of patterns and styles. We are able to accessorise or add to your dado rails with solid wood products and even highly detailed wall décor. We have numerous material types available to our customers meaning they can play around with varying textures until they find one best suited to them. We also have window and door frames for customers and like all of our above mentioned products these can be adapted to suit the needs of our customers. Our window and door frames can be made from a number of materials and we would encourage customers to engage us to find out what is available to them!

Locally manufactured for your convenience!

So how can we guarantee the quality of our products? Well we manufacture all of them ourselves. These products are made locally and having them manufactured so close to home gives us intimate knowledge of our own products. We are able ensure quality on a consistent basis.

Looking for something specific? In need of a particular design? Not to worry, we at The Moulding Shop can customise all of our products to suit your needs and preferences. All that you have to do is give us a call and let us know exactly that it is that you are searching for. We are renowned for our industry leading manufactured home skirting so please contact us today! 



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