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The Moulding Shop in Randpark, Gauteng for all our window and door frames

Window and door frames – Just on of the Moulding Shop’s specialties

Window and door frames manufactured and on sale at The Moulding Shop are practical and add a touch of class to the interior design of your home or office.

If you have looked for decent window and door frames but never seen anything you would chose The Moulding Shop is the answer.

When you select window and door frames from The Moulding Shop, you can believe that we will always provide you with the best quality window and door frames manufactured in South Africa. Our window and door fames are not just well designed, but they are also extremely attractive, further improving the interior quality of your home.

If you are looking for classic window and door frames manufactured to the highest standards, come to The Moulding Shop, our range of products when used to finish off your your home ensures that we stay at the top of our game, because we manufacture the best window and door frames, dido rails and skirting board there are to be had.

Window and door frames should always be made to last, this we guarantee using the best material there is, our window and door frames will last for many many years, no matter what weather conditions they are subjected to.

At The Moulding Shop we also give attention to several other quality home finishing products including, cornices, dido rails, architraves, ceiling mouldings and much more. So when it comes time to revamp and restore give us consideration The Moulding Shop in Gauteng, you will never regret it this we promise.

What could set our company apart from the rest you wonder? Why should you believe it when we tell you that we are the best window and door frames there are around?  For one, we are always available when you call on us for advice, we will guide and help you every step of the way when it comes to replacing your window and door frames. Our advice is always sound, because we know what we are talking about.

No matter what your actual budget constraints and limitations could be. We know there is always a way to provide you with suitable window and door frames with our affordable prices, your long lasting window and door frames will serve their purpose for many years.

Because The Moulding Shop have plied our trade for a while now we know a lot of what there is to learn, thus equipping us with the knowledge necessary to offer you more than just the basics. We can see you all the way through from conceptualisation to installation of your window and door frames.

Another stand out feature of The Moulding Shop factory is the fact that we manufacture most of our products locally, so we can therefore offer a product you can afford. With our turn around times are as fast as can be you are given the opportunity to enjoy your updated homes quicker than ever before.

So why not visit our showroom in Northriding to view our full range and to see just how well made and attractive our window and door frames really are. Our team members will gladly assist you in choosing the right products for your home, offering you a friendly service that will leave you feeling pleased that you chose us to supply your needs when buying window and door frames.  



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