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The Moulding Shop in Randpark, Gauteng for all our window and door frames

If you have looked for decent window and door frames but never seen anything you would chose The Moulding Shop is the answer.

When you visit The Moulding Shop you will find we can provide a vast selection of window and door frames that finish off your house to flawless perfection.If you think it’s time to revamp your home, come and see us.  Just imagine putting the final touches to your renovation by installing new windows and door frames. Having been in this business for all this time, we have a love of our trade this is why you should always chose window and door frames we have made over any other supplier.

We have been in this business for 14 years and in this time we have most certainly learned a lot.  With our skill and expertise you will find that the end product is always attractive and adds that touch of class to your home that doesn’t cost a fortune to achieve.

Our window and door frames give you our customer a wide range of choices to choose from.  With our highly skilled artisans you are always guaranteed of getting windows and door frames that have been crafted to perfection. 

With our team of experienced specialists who craft each door and window frame as though it is the only thing they have to do, taking time and paying attention to detail, you are certain to be provided with window and door frames faultless in every way.

To build a new home, something you can be proud of inevitably is expensive, and it can be very time consuming when you need to ensure that the builders follow your wishes with the products they use.  Often though your builders use inferior products and your new home that cost so much money begins to crumble because the builders used materials that look good but have no resilience when the weather begins to have its say.

With The Moulding Shop you will find our products are manufactured with the finest most hardy, locally procured materials on the market.  When you purchase our products you know that you are purchasing quality every time. 

The service we provide helps new home owners and people who wish to renovate their existing homes with the finest quality window and door frames anddado rails.  We even manufacture home skirting and cornices for the finishing touch that guarantee that your home echoes your individuality, and you will discover that the workmanship we produce is worth every cent.

You are always guaranteed window and door frames manufactured to the highest standards when you purchase these products fro The Moulding Shop in South Africa.  



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