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The Moulding Shop in Randpark, Gauteng for all our window and door frames

Come time to replace existing window and door frames, why not allow The Moulding Shop to show you the stunning selection we have to offer?

Window and door frames are seldom easy to find, and if you have ever looked for window and door frames you will discover that there are not many place in South Africa that can provide you with high end products.

You will be amazed when you visit The Moulding Shop at the vast selection of window and door frames we can provide, perfect for any establishment every time.  Perhaps you just want to renovate, and then again you could be in charge of the erection of a large office complex, The Moulding Shop will give you the opportunity to furnish your establishment with quality window and door frames that are affordable and attractive.

Because we have been manufacturing window and door frames for all this time, we have developed good relationships with all who purchase our merchandise.  They keep coming back knowing as they do that they would be hard pressed to find window and door frames as fine as thosepurchased from The Moulding Shop.

Having manufactured window and door frame for 14 years we have learnt much about the treatment and material best suited for a particular window or door frame. When you have our expertise you always end up with a product that is attractive and gives your undertaking a touch of class that didn’t cost a a lot of money.

With the window and door frames we supply you will discover that it can be quite difficult to make a selection. Or highly skilled artisans manufacture perfect products, flawlessly, every time. 

Our experienced artisans craft each and every door and window frame as if they had nothing else to do, taking their time and paying close attention to specifications, they manufacture window and door frames that will stand the test of time.

When constructing a new residence or office block, something you want to put your name to,  can be extremely expensive, and if you employ arbitrary builders there is always the chance they choose inferior products when left in charge of purchasing window and door frames.  So make it you business to see to it that your builders only buy the best, after all you do want them to last for a long time.  The best is found at The Moulding Shop.

With The Moulding Shop you will find our products are manufactured with the finest materials on the market.  You are assured when you purchase window and door frames from The Moulding Shop that you are purchasing quality every time. 

With our service we provide new home owners and people who wish to renovate their existing homes with the most durable and attractive window and door frames, dado rails, skirting and cornices for all the finishing touches needed on your construction or renovation. 

With The Moulding Shop supplying your needs you are always guaranteed window and door frames manufactured to the highest standards.  



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