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The Moulding Shop for the most stunning manufactured home skirting

When you have been inspecting all home skirting that is available and come up empty handed, that is the time to come to The Moulding Shop.

After building your new home you need a finish to give that final touch of class and style, that’s when manufactured home skirting produced by The Moulding Shop show their true colours.

Anyone who has an eye for fine things, knows that every little detail of a work of art creates the whole. The Moulding Shop with 14 years in the business of manufactured home skirting have produced locally all these years. With our fine eye for detail and many years of learning our trade in order to produce the perfect product for you our customer, so that when you install our manufactured home skirting your home will have the finished look none could ever beat.  With our perfect creations adding that final touch to your home you will be pleased that you discovered our manufactured home skirting before you put an inferior product in your new home.

When you are undecided as to exactly what manufactured home skirting would be suitable for your home, our sales agents are fully aux fait with our products and they are more than happy to advise you, because after all, you will have to live with your choice.  When you choose manufactured home skirting made by us at The Moulding Shop you are purchasing the best skirting money can buy.

With our broad selection of manufactured home skirting you will enhance the finish and look of every each room.  If fine aesthetics are your aim with our beautiful manufactured home skirting you will achieve the most pleasing effect imaginable.

The Moulding Shop have been manufacturers of home skirting, dado rails and window and door frames for many years and our commitment to excellence is seldom found today So when you can’t find that perfect manufactured home skirting contact The Moulding Shop you really won’t regret it.

If you want the finish of your home to speaks volumes, a finish that enhances every room where it is fitted, then you definitely need our manufactured home skirting, cornices, wall decor and architraves because when you purchase our wares you will find them extremely affordable, as well as being manufactured to the highest standards.

The Moulding Shop are the people to contact for manufactured home skirtings, dado rails and window and door frames. The Moulding Shop has a factory that manufactures locally nearly all the products in our range, for this reason you will find our service along with our products, with only the best being good enough for our customers – excellent. 

Dado rails that give a room the finished look

A plain room can look unfinished and boring.  If, however you decide to install dado rails in each room, you would have given the room a more finished look and created a feeling of warmth, as these wooden rails add that special touch to any room they are installed. 



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