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There is nothing better than walking into a room that looks finished. This appearance can often be attributed to manufactured home skirting. You will find skirting wherever you go, as it is one of the essential tools that architects use to finish off a space and give it stability. Skirting will help your home to look finished and classy. The right type of skirting can really tie the whole room together and give it a seamless look. There are many different types of skirting boards that are being made these days, and here at The Moulding Shop we provide both the tools and the skirting for you to make your space look like the space that best expresses you.

Skirting boards are also referred to as baseboards and floor moulds. They are wooden joints or boards that cover the lowest past of an interior wall. Their purpose has long been to make sure that the joint between the wall and the floor is adequately covered. This is also a good method of insulating a space and making sure that unwanted elements such as damp and mould do not creep in unduly. It also protects the bottom of the walls from any furniture damage and unsightly marks made from chairs or feet scraping against the sides of the wall.

Although manufactured home skirting has traditionally been thought of as purely functional, here at The Moulding Shop have been able to transform the plain skirting into modern day masterpieces. Decorative home skirting is something that is taking off, since more people are realising that there is a greater need for subtle decoration. None of the products that we supply are garish, however they do add a subtle element of decoration to what would otherwise maybe be a drab space. There are so many unexpected ways in which to add life and colour to a room, and the use of manufactured home skirting is definitely one of the more stand out ones, simply because it is not a traditional method of decoration.

There are different types of manufactured home skirting that we produce here at The Moulding Shop. Each one has a unique set of designs and influences. We manufacture Rosette skirting, which is fairly circular in design and is reminiscent of the Greek style. This type of skirting was first used in Mesopotamia, as part of the temple decoration. This has been very popular in architecture since then. We manufacture Scotia, which is concave moulding with a lower edge projecting beyond the top and so used at the base of columns as a transition between two torus mouldings with different diameters. We have screen moulding, this is a small moulding that is used to hide the area where a screen is attached to the frame.

Apart from all of those great products, we also manufacture strap work which was Popular in England in 16th & 17th. centuries, used in plaster on ceilings,also sculpted in stone on exterior of buildings, e.g. around entrance doors. Also carved in wood, and used for topiary designs for parterres.

 Out Torus is convex, semi-circular moulding, larger than an astragal, often at the base of a column, which may be enriched with leaves or plaiting, and finally trim moulding which is a general term used for mouldings that are used to create added detail or cover up gaps. They can include corner mouldings, cove mouldings, rope mouldings, quarter rounds, and accent mouldings.

So you can see that we definitely have the goods when it comes to home manufactured skirting. For all of your needs, you should come to The Moulding Shop today! 

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