Quality Manufactured Home Skirting, Cornices and More

If you have been after that something special to provide your home with an elegant finishing touch, beautifully manufactured home skirting that is functional too is definitely the solution for you!

Welcome to The Moulding Shop, expert distributors of manufactured home and commercial skirting, cornices, ceiling and wall decor, dado rails, window and door frames and much more for close to fifteen years. While we specialised in home finishes, we have been supplying to the domestic and commercial market in that time and no request will be turned away without consideration. When it comes to manufactured home skirting and cornice applications, you are probably aware of how it can neaten up both the upper and lower limits of your walls. However, have you thought of venturing further into decorating with moulded items which can add a touch of exquisite intrigue to any space? With some of our items the aim is purely decorative, but the manufactured home skirting combines aesthetics with functionality. This is because skirting functions as: insulation and protection against water, cold, heat and pressure; a cover and seal for the joint surface at the wall’s lowest point; protection of walls from kicks, furniture and abrasion as it is easily replaceable and allowance for expansion of wooden floors during seasonal changes. Whatever your reason for replacing or newly installing our manufactured home skirting is, you are unlikely ever to come to regret the decision.

So, we have mentioned that our applications span far beyond the ordinary for your dream home, but what do we mean? What else can The Moulding Shop offer you from our abundant product ranges?

·  Dado Rails: A Dado Rail is a moulding fixed horizontally to the wall all around the perimeter of a room. Such a rail transforms an ordinary wall as it allows you to play with texture and colour. A common application of this rail is differentiating the wall colour painted on the “chair rail” as it is known and the wall above it. The vertical panels also help create individual and unique spaces.

·  Architrave: Also known as window and door frames, architrave is a moulded frame for a doorway to create an elegant entranceway or hide old frames.

·   Wall Decor: 3D Wallpanel Wall art Ellipses, 3D brick designs, circular “splashes,” ceiling medallions, panelling, waves, Pasjans, Waves, Calypso, Champagne “bubbles” and much more!

The materials we use are affordable yet well-manufactured and extremely easy to work with when installing, painting and replacing. What could be easier when it comes to interior decorating than adding some colour, texture and visual interest to the walls? The days of flat, plain walls are long gone and The Moulding Shop is at the forefront of providing you with exactly what you require to transform your home. From manufactured white home skirting to items in an array of wood finishes—you name it and we will do our utmost to supply it. Please feel free to give us a call today. 



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