Outstanding manufactured home skirting

Outlines. They are there for a reason. Every artist understands this, and so does every architect. You could think of manufactured home skirting as the outlines of a room or a home. They provide a beautiful and finished look to a place. The skirting boards of any home add a certain style and panache that would otherwise be sorely lacking. Manufactured home skirting also serves a function beyond just the aesthetics of your home. It is also useful for making sure that damp does not creep into the walls that join the floor to the rest of the house. A lot of people tend to think of skirting boards as brown and ordinary, but here at The Moulding Shop, we turn that perception on its head by making all manner of interesting and original types of skirting. We also make beautiful dado rails and window and door frames.

Manufactured home skirting is a necessity for any home. It acts as a seal that keeps the cold out, and also protects the joints of the wall from unsightly kicks from furniture. So not only are they functional, but they are also very necessary. Most home skirting also allows for comfortable wooden floor expansion during the colder months of the year.

There are many advantages of the manufacturing system that we use. Ordinarily, you would have to simply settle for plain skirting, but here at The Moulding Shop, we make our own moulds, meaning that manufacturing beautiful looking skirting is possible for us to make and it is something that is rather easily achievable. This means that if you trust us to make your skirting, you can have any type of skirting that you want. You can have Greek style skirting for your home in blue, or roman style in gold, the choices are endless. You would be surprised at how much some coloured skirting helps the look of your home.

Apart from our range of manufactured home skirting, we also sell dado rails. A dado rail is a decorative element that is positioned halfway up the wall and cases the perimeter of the room, in much the same way that skirting boards do. These can also be made in any colour and style, exactly to your specifications. These tend to lend an air of unexpected elegance and decoration to a room. This can be seen as a cheaper way to add accessories to your room of choice, since it makes a statement and can eliminate the need for a lot of pieces of art and other room accessories.

The window and door frames that we manufacture are also very classy and exquisite. There is so much that a door frame can add to a room in the way of style. The frame can also be a statement piece that acts as a visual point in the room. 

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