More about Manufactured Home Skirting

Skirting at the lower end of a wall has been around for ages, but when it comes to manufactured home skirting and cornices, how do you know which materials to opt for and what are the functions of skirting?

You are probably aware that manufactured home skirting is not merely for decorative purposes, but before exploring its use, what can it be made of and how do you choose? Skirting is any length of wood and polyurethane that goes along the bottom of a wall and creates a border between the walls and the floor. It is also sometimes referred to as a baseboard and is a form of joint moulding as opposed to moulding used on flat surfaces. When it comes to choosing where to source your manufactured home skirting, look out for a reputable moulding manufacturer, and it is often useful to source a manufacturer and supplier that is one in the same company. Although not a certainty, this often indicates greater quality control and care over the product provided. In addition, cost savings are involved along the distribution channel, which is always good news for the end user. Manufactured home skirting, as opposed to the material used for cornices and wall decor, (such as polystyrene) needs to be more sturdy and heavy duty and is most commonly made of wood. It can also be made of hard plastics that come in white panels to be glued to the wall instead of nailed. Read reviews online to see whether your supplier’s products withstood the test of the applications mentioned below or ask your friends about their experience.

Now for the functions and advantages of quality manufactured home skirting. Provided that a qualified installer installs your skirting, the following functions apply to this unique board:

·  Cover wooden floor edges and seal/cover carpet edges. Well covered carpeting will be less prone to edge fraying, dirt accumulation and the presence of ants.

·  Aids with uneven floors or walls and hides imperfections.

·  Increases home value: If you are moving, adding new, quality manufactured home skirting can improve the value of the house and it is easy to do for the benefit received.

·  Protection for the wall from kicks, abrasion and furniture.

·  Baseboard radiators can be installed inside or in front of the skirting.

·  Skirting largely aids with insulation and seals the join between the wall and the floor to protect against heat, cold, pressure and moisture or water.

Lastly, skirting is still a form of decorative moulding, along with cornices, (which are also useful for covering wires running along the tops of walls) dado rails, window and door frames,(architrave) 3D ceiling and wall decor and the like. These forms of decorative moulding are worth investigating if you wish to give your home a new face or add some sophistication and intrigue to an otherwise dull living space. While many homes still have flat, painted walls, why not explore where your imagination takes you with moulding? 

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