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Manufactured home skirting

The Moulding Shop have made a name for ourselves nurturing beauty in the domestic and commercial setting with our eye catching Manufactured home skirting products.  with over 14 years’ experience in manufactured home skirting our company continues to rise forming a customer loyalty base we never imagined possible through nothing but sheer dedication and passion for excellence. Manufactured home skirting solutions are perfect when one seeks to add those final finishing touches to a home. Beauty is often looked at and viewed as a whole but how many of us ever take the time to appreciate the individual parts of the greater whole? This is what distinguishes us from others. The sheer craftsmanship included in our products is an undeniably welcome addition to any home or office. What further distinguishes us is our acknowledgement of varying customer needs, requirements and living situations. Our services are completely adaptable and totally customisable. Just when you thought we we’re done it’s probably important to mention that our services are also affordable and competitively priced. The large majority of the services we offer include products with locally manufactured goods giving us close insight and quality control! So you’ve heard about our famous home skirting options, but else do we have?

 Protective dado rails

Well a good place to start would be our much lauded dado rails. Dado rails serve a purpose that greater than nothing but a mere aesthetic addition to the home or workplace. Dado rails are particularly useful in the commercial setting, a restaurant for example. Often customers will spend a great deal on ensuring their home or workplace has the finest pain and wall décor money can buy so why would we want friends and customers leaning and having our own furniture scrape and damage our walls and curtains. Dado rails are thus an aesthetic yet silently functional addition. Ours come in a wide range and like many of our products can be adapted to suit the measurements of your home or office as well as your budget!

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We are on hand to assist our customers every step of the way. As we are home to some of the most creative and innovative minds in the industry our customers are free to make use of our matured advice and professional suggestions. We will see you all the way through from conceptualisation to installation!

Wall décor:

We have the most established range of wall décor options. Anything from the funkiest most unconventional design and concept to the plain old white wall is a welcome and appreciated job we would gladly do for you!


Architraves, wall décor, ceiling tiles, cornices and window and door frames

From the above it’s clear to see why we’re our customers company of choice. The quality of our products matched with the affordability of our products is a simple no brainer! For more information please feel free to contact us today!



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