Manufactured Home Skirting Protects Carpets

If you have done any home remodelling lately, including spending a lot on new carpets, then you should know that well manufactured home skirting protects carpets. Oh, you did not know that? Well then let me tell you before it is too late. If the edged of your rooms are not finished with good quality manufactured home skirting then there is nothing to hold down the edge of the carpet. This means that it could lift up on the edges or even fray. Both of these problems could lead to large tears in the carpets over time. As for athletics, proper skirting helps to create a smoother transition from the carpet into the wall, instead of a hard angle with unfinished edges. However, here at The Moulding Shop out skirting is not just for the floor to wall transition, but for the wall to ceiling transition too. All of our skirting products come is various finishes and measurements to fit the overall interior design of any room. The Moulding Shop was established in 1999, and we have been supplying both the domestic and commercial market for many years now.

One of the best things about when you choose to work with The Moulding Shop is that we are able to supply you with not just manufactured home skirting but a range of other products too. These products include dado rails, decorative finished for walls and ceiling, wood stains, hand rails and window and door frames. Let us look for a moment at one of these products which may sound slightly foreign to you, dado rails. Theseare one of the things that can work with manufactured home skirting to protect the upper parts of your wall. Dado rails are traditionally used to protect the wall or wall décor from furniture and ornaments in most interior and building building. Today their function can be said to be somewhat dual purpose. They add something other building or homes simply do not have. In doing so they also serve to protect your walls. This could be the perfect addition to the well-designed home interior or commercial properties such as art galleries.

Most of the finishes which we specialise here at The Moulding Shop serve this dual purpose of creating stylish finished and helping to protect a structural aspect of your home. Let us take for example our window and door frames. These help to protect and support the structural integrity of the window or door opening, but they can also add to the specific interior design aesthetic of your home.

Our experience means that we have the edge over our competition, supplying customers with manufactured home skirting, dado rails, window and door frames that truly stand the test of time. The undisputable fact is that all of our products will give you absolutely unbeatable value for money, making it oh so easy for you to keep your home in tip top condition. So Contact us today to find out more about our excellent products and services.



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