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Manufactured home skirting for any home

Are you looking for something to finish off your home? Then all you need to do is come to The Moulding Shop, weoffer a wide range of manufactured home skirting that will ensure the walls of each room are finished to perfection.If you want to beautify your home, just imagine finishing off your home with the most unique and beautiful manufactured home skirting. Being in the industry for many years, we have a passion for what we do and this is why you can rely on us for all your manufactured home skirting needs.

Included in our products that we have to offer are:

·  Architraves: Mouldings that frame your doors, windows and any other rectangular openings

·  Wall decor: Our decor for walls can be customised to create the most unique wall decor ideas

·  Ceiling tiles: If you have a ceiling that is really unattractive then you should invest our breath-taking ceiling tiles

·  Cornices: These are done mainly on the top of your walls to finish off your walls and ceiling by joining them with a unique pattern, some examples include: Above large corbels and along the top of the Wheeling-Pittsburgh steel building in downtown West Virginia

·  Window and door frames for both commercial and domestic uses

If you want only the best when it comes to manufactured home skirting, cornices, wall decor and architraves without spending a fortune, then we at The Moulding Shopare the people to contact. The Moulding Shop factory, manufactures most of our products locally, so we can therefore offer a very expeditious service. We are committed to see a project through from beginning to end. From the time that you select and purchase your product, through to the installation, we ensure you are 100% satisfied. 

Dado rails that create a feeling of completion

Sometimes rooms can seem almost incomplete or just plain bland. However, if you use dado rails in each room, you will create a feeling of warmth and completion as the wooden rails add that special touch to your room. A dado rail is also known as a chair rail and this is due to it being on a similar level that the chairs sit.

The dado rail is traditionally part of the dado and, although the purpose of the dado is mainly aesthetic in modern homes, the dado rail still provides the wall with protection from furniture and other contact. Traditionally, the height of the dado rail is around 36" or 900 mm, which was a suitable height to protect the wall from the backs of chairs. Since the original purpose of the dado treatment is not applicable in modern homes, it is common to see dado rails at 1200 mm or even 1500 mm from the floor.

We offer our products in a wide range of woods, such as Pine, White oak, Maple, red oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry and many more. We also offer you six different stains to choose from to ensure the colour you like is the colour you get. If you are looking for only top quality dado rails then feel free to contact us at The Moulding Shop today!



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