Manufactured Home Skirting and Exterior Moulds

It is no secret that quality manufactured home skirting, interior and exterior moulds, cornices and architraves can finish a home off beautifully and these things are exactly what you can source from The Moulding Shop.

Manufactured home skirting is a valuable addition to any home because of both its aesthetic and functional worth. In addition, the value of your domestic or commercial property is raised with these simple additions. Whether you have a join that needs covering, a wall that needs decorating or you simply wish to add a touch of sophistication and elegance, anything can be achieved with the right decorative or functional moulding. Here at The Moulding Shop we understand that both the interior and exterior of your home looks best when well finished and beautifully decorated. While many moulding suppliers and contractors for manufactured home skirting focus on the inside of your home, we will gladly process any query for exterior wall moulds.

The function of our exterior moulds:

This is moulding that attractively covers the seams where walls begin and end. Instead of using plaster to create an edging on your exterior walls, our exterior moulds finish off walls beautifully, just by gluing them on. This also makes for quicker installation with no mess and no fuss!

When it comes to the interior of your exquisite home, accommodation establishment, offices and any other domestic and commercial property, The Moulding Shop offers you any combination of: cornices, quality manufactured home skirting, dado rails, architraves and wall decor moulding items. Our wall decor solutions, for example, are highly adaptable and versatile so that any style and design requirements can be catered to and perfectly paired with your furnishings and colours. All moulding can be painted over and the only limit to the design possibilities is your imagination! From 3D wall art in brick or splashes and spirals to panelling that creates texture and visual appeal, The Moulding Shop goes all out for your home.

Another solution from our product range is decorative framing around window and door frames. Architraves are moulded frames to put around these features to create an elegant entryway, hide old doorframes or window frames and even add a touch of colour contrast between the wall colour and framing around the door. This product, as well as manufactured home skirting, is an example of where aesthetics and functionality meet because—like with skirting—such moulded frames can cover up anything unsightly (like cracks or wiring) around the door. When used in conjunction with skirting at the bottom of walls and cornices by the ceiling, a complete framing and finishing effect of the space is created. Any room, big or small, can be made to look very stylish without much effort involved. 

More about us: The Moulding Shop was established in 1999 and we have been supplying to both domestic and commercial industries since. Our factory manufactures most of our products locally so that we can offer you expeditious service. We are standing by to make your living or trading space beautiful. Contact us or visit our showroom in Northriding today! 



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