Manufactured Home and Commercial Skirting for Style and Elegance

Who says that manufactured home or commercial skirting has to only serve the purpose of covering a joint between a wall and floor? Quality manufactured and well placed moulding, whether at the extreme top, bottom and everywhere in between on a wall, can give a space that touch of sophistication.

However, with The Moulding Shop, sophistication need not translate into “boring.” We are all about keeping your living space, commercial residence or business interesting with a whole array of moulding products. The materials used range from polystyrene to polyurethane and wood finishes, all expertly manufactured for your home skirting or commercial moulding applications. Every inch of your home can resonate with your inner style guru or interior decorator. Although our manufactured home skirting serves the purpose of concealing flaws, insulating a room and protecting from nicks and kicks, they are lovely to look at too! Choose between Mohogany, Imbuia, Honey Nut, Wild Cherry, Antique pine and many other wood stain finishes to let your own personal style come out in the design of your moulding. Other products supplied by The Moulding Shop include: cornices, architraves, (window and door frames) ceiling and wall moulding decor and dado rails.

A dado rail is a very useful feature if you are looking to break the plain appearance of a flat wall with some texture and visual intrigue. This rail (also known as a chair rail) is a horizontal piece of decorative moulding that it placed about a metre above the floor, with vertical panels below it running to the floor. Within The Moulding Shop’s range you will also find individual panelling. However, a Panel Dado is popular because it can be painted while the wall above is left a different colour or vice versa. With just a little moulding, some paint and one Saturday afternoon, a room can be completely transformed. It is clear that manufactured home skirting is merely the beginning of endless possibilities. For example, when it comes to ceiling decor, this is an area that is shied away from decorating and left plain even more often than walls. While we are not promoting a living or corporate space that is too “busy” or “loud” because of decor, minimal ceiling decor does wonders. One such product is our 1001 Natural Dims of 500x500mm. Texture is added to the ceiling without detracting from the decor below and sophistication is successfully achieved. Alternatively, what about an intricately crafted ceiling medallion in the centre of a room’s ceiling for a true Roman or presidential feel?

When considering that your home is a reflection of you, only the finest manufactured home skirting and other moulding will do. Fortunately, The Moulding Shop takes interior decorating just as seriously as you do, without compromising on the fun of transforming a space. Play with colour, explore textures and start to create the home of your dreams today! Simply call 0114622755/4901 with a query or fill out the online contact form and we will get back to you.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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