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Locally manufactured home skirting

Anyone and everyone with a keen eye for beauty knows that it’s not the greater whole but the some of the individual constituents that make the greater whole that are mostly responsible for true aesthetics. The Moulding Shop has 14 years’ experience in manufactured home skirting most of which is produced locally. The result is eye catching creations perfect to add that final and finishing touch to your home without having to spend an arm and a leg. Our manufactured home skirting presents our commercial and domestic customers with a very wide range of options they can breeze through and customise to their liking. Customers who aren’t quite sure as to the nature of the manufactured home skirting that would best suit them have the benefit of our advice. Having an experience laden team of professionals within our midst guarantees our customers the best advice from some of the sharpest eyes and minds in the industry. creating your perfect home can be an expensive time consuming endeavour but how often do we see fairly new homes start crumbling from the use of materials that look amazing but show no durability when it matters most? Luckily our customers never have to concern themselves with such situations as our products are comprised of the finest most robust locally manufactured materials money can buy! Employing our services will ensure that your home reflects your personal touch and flare, the best part is your finances won’t even reflect our level workmanship!

Protective dado rails

Our company has built a name for itself with regards to versatility and diversity. Customers not only have access to a wide array of products but a formidable range of materials, colours and styles too. Some of the products we offer include Architraves, wall décor, ceiling tiles, cornices and window and door frames. As mentioned we offer the best wall décor in the industry. Like many of our products our wall décor can be customised to conform to particular stylistic and colour themes. But how does one ensure that their beautiful wall décor retains its beauty and aesthetic value? Well for this purpose we have dado rails which serve to protect walls at a common or expected point of contact by acting as a small barrier. Things such as the backs of chairs, tables and other furniture can really do a number on ones walls and most of this damage remains unnoticed until one maybe decides to do some spring cleaning. Our range of dado rails can be used to compliment the overall style, look and feel of our customers’ homes and offices making them a discrete functional aesthetic addition! We are truly committed to customer service and our customers have the benefit of receiving unmatched levels of attention through every step of the process. From conceptualisation to installation, our staff ensures fast and prompt responses for peace of mind and satisfaction. Lastly we offer our products in a wide range of woods, such as Pine, White oak, Maple, red oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry and many more.

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