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Locally manufactured home skirting options

Imagine a company so competent they encourage your imagination to run riot and endeavour to bring your minds inner most creations to life! The Moulding Shop specialises in interior décor and manufactured home skirting is one of our specialties. Skirting covers the lowest part of an interior wall. In essence, manufactured home skirting connects the wall to the floor and this gives customers the opportunity to get creative. Manufactured home skirting will not just serve an aesthetic function. Skirting will also serve to protect the wall from kicks, abrasions and surrounding ornaments and furniture. The Moulding Shop is concerned with manufactured home skirting in its capacity to look beautiful and protect. This simply wouldn’t be possible without the premium products on offer from us. In a decorative sense, we are able to offer customers a plethora of varying customisation options. If your home has an existing colour scheme or theme comprising of certain patterns we are able to accommodate you!

Commercial or residential, we do it all

Of course our skirting is not just available to home owners but those in the commercial sphere too. Those in the commercial world should be mindful of the fact that wear and tear is a very real threat to you and our manufactured home skirting could be just the solution you need. One thing that separates us from our competition is the manner in which we make our own products locally in South Africa. This impacts our business positively in a number of ways:

·  Consistent quality-we are able to oversee the production of the products we hand over to you meaning we can keep the quality of our products high on a consistent basis.

·  Pricing-not having to important products or go through unnecessary middle men means were able to offer customers exceptionally competitive prices and rates on our products and services.

·  Knowledge-we have intimate knowledge of our products courtesy of having them developed so close to home.

Installed by hands with surgical precision

Our manufactured home skirting products are installed by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. Their surgical precision has resulted in our growing reputation as one of the most meticulous companies in the industry.

Wikipedia also provides us with some extra information with regard to the different types of manufactured home skirting. Here are just a few:

  • Rosette — Circular, floral decorative element found in Mesopotamian design and early Greek stele. Part of revival styles in architecture since the Renaissance.
  • Scotia — Concave molding with a lower edge projecting beyond the top and so used at the base of columns as a transition between two torus moldings with different diameters.
  • Screen molding — this is a small molding that is used to hide the area where a screen is attached to the frame.

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