Exquisite Dado Rails and Much More from The Moulding Shop

Have you considered the bold and decorative effect dado rails can have on your walls, keeping them attractive but without shelling out all of your hard earned money?

Whether you have or not, The Moulding Shop is your number one supplier of dado rails and an immense array of other decorative and functional moulding products and we cannot wait to show you just how intriguing a space can be. Please feel free to visit our showroom in Northriding to get some ideas or to simply explore the possibilities when renovating a boring or outdated room. Dado rails, for example, serve to create visual appeal and a colour contrast in a room and such a rail can add either an exquisite or more bold appeal—depending on the colours chosen. Dado railings or “chair rails” are types of moulding that is fixed to the walls all around a room, parallel to the floor and usually about a metre up from the floor. Vertical moulded panels can be added below the rail, running from it to the floor and then covered by our quality manufactured home skirting. Some additional advantages of installing dado rails include creating individual areas in a home or a built in headboard for the beds in guesthouses or hotel rooms. Alternatively, the headboard can be installed right above the rail for a beautifully framed and colour contrasted overall effect, as opposed to the “hanging” headboard in the middle of a bare wall. 

Here are the other products that The Moulding Shop can supply, all manufactured locally in our quality-over-quantity factory:

·  Cornices: These are to separate the wall from the ceiling. Many homes have a basic cornice at the top of the wall, but with us the most exquisite designs are within your grasp. From luxurious to simplistic but still bold designs, do not hesitate to brows further under the Cornice tab.

·  Skirting: One of the most common household decorative and functional features, skirting protects the wall, seals the join between the wall and the floor and can create a beautiful effect when sourced from The Moulding Shop

·  Architraves: Architraves are simply window and door frames, moulded in an array of interesting designs. This moulded frame can be placed around a doorway or window and can hide unsightly frames or create a more elegant entranceway.

·  Wall Decor: All our moulding pieces can be painted over and are supplied with absolute ease of installation in mind. From block panelling to waves, splashes and “bricks,” you can create a textured 3D wall today with The Moulding Shop.

·  Exterior Moulding

·  Ceiling Decor: Ceiling medallions, boards, panels and anything else you need.

Did You Know? Some of our skirting moulds are designed with even greater functionality than expected in mind. With many of our over 40 skirting designs, a space has been created along the back—where the skirting attaches to the wall—in which you can run a cable if desired.

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