Diverse manufactured home skirting

Your home or commercial property is a massive investment. There is no doubting the fact that property represents the largest asset most of us will have control over in our lifetimes. Finishing touches to the interior will make such an asset a pleasure to be in! Manufactured home skirting from The Moulding Shop have the ability to evoke a sense of accomplishment unlike products of  similar kind from other companies. This sense of accomplishment has something to do with the fact that our products can be customised to suit our customer’s needs. This implies that even if your home or office had unusual dimensions, specific patterns and even unique materials we’re perfectly positioned to cater to your needs! Manufactured home skirting has several functions and these range from adding the final touches to a home or commercial property in term of aesthetics or protecting the lower ends of the walls from damage. One of the best things about

When you choose to work with The Moulding Shop is that we are able to supply you with not just manufactured home skirting but a range of other products too.

Dado rails and other products

Our extensive range of available products is inspired by the notion that our customers are limited only by their own imaginations. Should our customers create an image of the perfect interior we will endeavour to call upon every resource to make it a reality. No dream is too farfetched, no vision unrealistic, The Moulding Shop is the place where your imagination is the key to unimaginable interior beauty. Dado rails are one of the things that can work with manufactured home skirting to protect the upper parts of your wall. Dado rails are traditionally a predominantly protective addition to the interior of a building aimed at protecting the wall or wall décor from furniture and ornaments. Today their function can be said to somewhat dual purpose. They add something other building or homes simply don’t have. In doing so they also serve to protect your walls. This could be the perfect addition to the well-designed home interior or commercial properties such as art galleries.

There’s no replacing experience

The Moulding Shop was established in 1999, and we have been supplying both the Domestic and Commercial market for many, many years now. Our experience means that we have the edge over our competition, supplying customers with manufactured home skirting, dado rails, window and door frames that truly stand the test of time. The fact of the matter is that all of our products will provide you with amazing value for money, making it oh so easy for you to keep your home in tip top condition.

Manufactured home skirting is not our only specialty, however. We also focus our attention on other quality home finishes including:

·  Cornices

·  Rails

·  Architraves

·  Ceiling Décor

·  Moulding and much more

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Our team is always on hand to aid you in your journey into creating an environment that speaks volumes to your creativity and unique nature. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us today! 



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