Dado Rails To Protect Your Walls

Few people know what dado rails are even though they have probably seen them before. You can use dado rails to protect your walls and to add a decorative touch. These dado rails protect your walls by keeping furniture separated from the wall. This means that you do not get dents and tough to remove marks on the wall itself. The decorative aspect comes in with regards to the dado rails coming in different finished and can also be painted in different colours to add contrast and interest to your walls. Here at The Moulding Shop these are one of our specialty items which you can purchase from us to add value to your interiors. But these are not the only product we specialise in. We can also provide you with window and door frames and quality manufactured home skirting.

Our window and doors frames, which are manufactured locally can be built to fit the specifications of your home in relation to the size and the material which is used. This means that you not only get finishes for a home that are exactly what you are looking for but they are also reasonably priced because of the local manufacturing process.

All of our dado rails, window and doors frames, cornices and so on, are either manufactured by us or they are sourced locally to ensure a high standard at a lower price. Sourcing from reputable primary manufactures can sometimes mean that they hike up their prices a lot making the product which you purchase from us far too expensive. But we have formed a strong partnership with our local supplies which means that we are able to obtain a range of products that is still at an extremely high standard but more affordable all round. But for the most part, the majority of our products are manufactured here at The Moulding Shop. We design and manufacture most of our products ourselves, locally in South Africa and because of this, whenever you purchase something from our stores, you can rest assured that you are purchasing high quality, durable products that will provide you with excellent value for your money. Our main aim is to provide value and reliability to our customers, value that they can count on year after year after year!

This is especially evident in our manufactured home skirting which has to be durable and affordable. As something that is needed throughout your home it must be bought in large quantities and you do not want to install something that then cracks and breaks within a few months, while attached to your walls.

Giving your home a finished look comes from more than just nice furniture and a good colour scheme but also from the smaller built in touches. This is why we also manufacture decorative finishes such as ceiling and wall decorative mouldings. These add a classic finish to a room as they have an air which is reminiscent of a time gone by.

So if you wish to purchase affordable, reliable and beautiful finishes for your home, then The Moulding Shop must be your first stop



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